About Costa Rica

About Costa Rica

 A Tropical Destination for Travels and Vacations

With both Pacific and Caribbean coasts, Costa Rica has plenty of beaches. While some of Costa Rica’s beaches are developed for tourism, many others are remote and secluded, which means your seaside vacation can be taken in a luxury beachside hotel or in a beachside camping spot. Furthermore, in Costa Rica, you’ll not only find tropical rainforests and beautiful beaches, but also stunning mountaintops and active volcanoes. Volcanoes are surely one of the most intriguing natural sites frequented by Costa Rica travelers.

Not only will you find travels & vacations in Costa Rica to be safe, but you’ll also come to appreciate the friendliness of the locals, who take great priding in showing off their native land to visitors.

Interesting Facts about Costa Rica

The government of Costa Rica protects 26% of the country’s natural habitat, and there are 25 national parks in Costa Rica.

Three-quarters of the population of Costa Rica lives on a fertile the plateau in the mountains that cover the central section of the country. These mountains are home to about 10 volcanoes, including Volcán Arenal the most active of these.

At roughly half the size of the state of Kentucky and two-thirds the size of Scotland, Costa Rica, according to a chart published in 1995 by the World Resources Institute has the most varied fauna of any country on the planet.

Costa Rica has 10,000 species of vascular plants adding to very high biodiversity of flora as well. Orchids alone account for about 1300
species. Costa Rica has no formal army and is the most stable, peaceful country in Central America.

Costa Rica’s chief exports include coffee, bananas, and computer chips.


In addition to trekking through rain forests, surfing some of the best the waves in Central America, and hiking the mountaintops, Costa Rica travelers enjoy a wealth of opportunities for discovery, including snorkeling and scuba diving along the tropical reefs, rafting through thrilling white-water rapids, and world-class ocean fishing. More things to do in Costa Rica.


Amidst this alluring array of outdoor activities, Costa Rica has implemented one of the most aggressive approaches to conservation in the world. Costa Rica’s natural wonders are protected by one of the best conservation development programs in Latin America. In fact, the Costa Rican government protects nearly 26% of Costa Rica’s land area.

In addition to Costa Rica’s natural beauty and potential for outdoor adventure, the country also has the most stable political climate in Latin America. With a long history of democratic elections and the abolishment of a standing army, Costa Rica has avoided the internal strife that has hampered other countries in the region.

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Although a good portion of Costa Rica has been stripped of its natural forests by aggressive logging operations, the country has managed to preserve more of its natural habitat than many countries in the world. Costa Ricans have formed a national park system envied by all who strive to protect the ecosystem from the ravages of an increasingly industrialized world. Discover the National Parks of Costa Rica Visit  liberiacostaricaairporttransfers.com/

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Real Estate in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is one of the world’s most visited international destinations. Every year thousands upon thousands of people flock here to enjoy the natural wonders of untouched rainforests, spectacular beaches, and perfect sunny days. Perhaps that’s why Costa Rica real estate has become the new hot market for international business and real estate investors.

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