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Sitting just north of Tilaran Mountains, the Arenal volcano is spectacular beauty, stands in a cone shape from the apartment San Carlos Llanos. It is the busiest in the producing country, frequent strong dams that can be heard as far away as Monteverde volcano. During the day, it is a very special experience to see clouds of ash and smoke billowing into the sky Arenal crater.

On clear nights, viewers are sometimes enjoy a natural fire fireworks show when an eruption of lava and incandescent rocks explode in the air and showers by the cinder cone. Even when it is cloudy, rumors, ventilation and glowing molten lava strangely through the clouds to stirring spectacle.

Price: $145
Lapse Time of Tour: All Day Departure time: 7:30 am Return: 7.30 pm
included Air conditioned transportation, bilingual guide and entrance to the hot springs resort baldy one of the best places in fortuna town next to the volcano…


Arenal and the bustling town of La Fortuna nearby are some of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, and thousands flock there every year to see the Colossus. August 23, 2000, Arenal erupted unexpectedly, killing a tourist and a naturalist guide, so care must be taken to visit the area.