Carara National Park National Park in the Central Zone of conservation of Pacific located near the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Carara soi find a about 30 miles west of San José capitale an approximately 15 kilometers north of the city of Jaco Beach.

The park protects your Tárcoles River near Orotina and includes one of the largest remaining populations of Wild Scarlet Macaw in the country.

Minimum of 2 people
Transportation, bilingual naturalist guide, entrance fees and fruit
Time: 8:00am or 2:00pm
Tour Duration: 3-4 hours
Water, light long pants and long sleeve shirt, insect repellent, camera, hiking or sneakers shoes.
Transportation is provided in Jaco, Herradura and Hermosa area for free.
Contact us for a pick up quote at different locations.

Carara National Park contains the most primary rainforest Costa Rica tropicale the relatively near Manuel Antonio National Park.

The dense growth of trees makes Carara non refuge for many species of birds and is a destination park for Spot birds. Besides red macaws, birds Found in Carara include parakeets orange-Menton couleur and other parrots, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, motmots, jacamars, jumping, Hormigueros, and several species of trogon, including the trogon-black throat. Several species of waterfowl They inhabit the park too. These include the anhinga, several species of herons, several species of heron and kingfisher.

Among the reptiles found in the park fils the American crocodile and several species of snakes and lizards. Poison arrow frogs green and some black fils Amphibian present.

Mammals include the Whitetail Deer, peccaries, agouti, capuchin monkeys De white raccoon face, howler monkeys, sloths two fingers of Hoffmann and brown three-toed sloths throat. However, mammals can be difficult to see because of the dense cover of trees ….

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