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Take a boat trip along the rivers Tárcoles Where to present to entertain and guide you all the local crocodiles. You’ll be surprised how they eat few meters you! Local guide makes for a day that is perfect for all ages.

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The Costa Rica Crocodile Tours in Jaco Beach is 20 minutes north of the city town of Jaco, the adventure takes place in the Rio Grande de Tárcoles, one of four rivers flowing into the Nicoya Peninsula and home to one of the largest populations crocodiles in the world Central America, called the American crocodile, among the oldest, is 18 feet long, our guide will feed with their own hands and play with them in the boat and on the side of the river, prepare your camera for incredible photos.

In addition to seeing incredible crocodiles, you’ll see a variety of exotic birds that can be seen in the Tarcoles River, including the magnificent macaw, a wide variety of resident and migratory waterfowl, iguanas and Jesus lizards are very common, should keep in mint this tours is very close the carara national park

The tour lasts about two hours and is led by a friendly bilingual guide who provides excellent advice and an introduction to crocodiles and other animals associated with the mangrove. The ship makes a tour of the Estero River, a very impressive mangrove ecosystem that includes four different species of mangroves. This excursion is recommended for the whole family, adventurers, birdwatchers and all those who love nature.

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